Advanced Technology Minimizes Discomfort 

Once you reach age 50, we strongly recommend you schedule a routine screening for colon cancer. And if you're at a higher risk of developing colon cancer, we'd like to see you before you hit that milestone birthday. 

The typical screening has long been associated with discomfort and possible complications. But the advanced technology we use in our New York offices eliminates those concerns. Our latest-generation CT scanners deliver 3D images displayed on specialized computer. 

How to Prepare for a Virtual Exam

You'll prepare for a virtual colonoscopy just as you would a conventional one. To ensure the colon is free of any fecal matter, a bowel-cleaning regimen should be followed the day prior to the exam. You can obtain a kit from our office.

What to Expect During the Exam

While lying on the CT table, a thin, rubber tube will be inserted into the rectum and air is passed through the tube. You will be asked to hold your breath for 15 seconds while the CT scanner obtains images, first taken while you're on your back and then while on your stomach.

You can expect mild stomach cramping after the procedure due to the air that was inserted into the colon. But you'll be able to resume normal daily activities soon after the procedure.

To read more about the results of virtual colonoscopies, please see our Colonic Lipoma page. 

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