CT Urography

In patients with hematuria (blood in the urine), traditionally an IVP (intravenous pyelogram) was performed. However, IVP is not very sensitive in detecting kidney stones or kidney masses, which may cause hematuria. For these indications, CT (computed tomography) is widely accepted as being superior to IVP. However, IVP has been considered to be better than CT in detecting abnormalities of the renal collecting systems and ureters.

With the advent of multi-detector CT, "CT urography" can be performed, where high-resolution 3D images of the collecting systems and ureters can be obtained. Many experts believe that the CT urogram will ultimately replace IVP in the work-up of hematuria patients.

At Main Street Radiology, "hematuria protocol" CT routinely involves the performance of a 3D CT urogram, as well as traditional high-resolution images of the kidneys.

Case Study: Hematuria Protocol 3D CT