CT Coronary Angiography

Heart disease is the number one killer of men and women in the United States. Although the most effective treatment is prevention, many people with heart disease are not diagnosed. In fact, up to one-half of patients who suffer heart attacks did not have prior symptoms.

There are numerous tests available that can assess risk factors for potential heart disease. These include EKG, blood pressure monitoring, stress test, and checking blood cholesterol levels. To actually visualize the coronary arteries to see if there is a blockage that may lead to a heart attack, cardiac catheterization has traditionally been the only option. However, cardiac catheterization is an invasive procedure with inherent risks, and up to one-half of the studies demonstrate no significant disease.

Now, a new non-invasive test, CT coronary angiography, is available which provides much of the same information as cardiac catheterization, but without the known risks. In addition, with a CT coronary angiogram, a radiologist is able to see the wall of the blood vessels, which cannot be done with cardiac catheterization.

Main Street Radiology installed the first 16-detector spiral CT in Queens. With this new technology, we are one of the first centers in the tri-state area to perform CT coronary angiography.

CT Coronary Angiography Case Studies