For Physicians

s-perfectSmile2Please allow Main Street Radiology to serve you better. Print, complete, and fax this survey to 718-907-2325 so that we can better serve you and your patient.

Main Street Radiology is committed to utilizing the most advanced technology to ensure our patients receive optimal care! One of the ways we accomplish this is by using voice recognition reporting, which allows for a faster turnover time.

The typical report is available within one business day, usually less. Once the report is dictated, it is transmitted to the appropriate physician’s office via mail, fax or e-mail.


Main Street Radiology is pleased to introduce ScriptSender, an innovative way of transferring physician orders and other electronic documents at NO COST, using any EMR.

By installing a virtual printer, documents are routed securely to Main Street Radiology, patients are scheduled and reports are transmitted directly to physicians using the same technology.

For more information please contact our IT department at  or call 718-428-1500 x123



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