3D CT Angiography

CT (computed tomography) angiography (CTA), is specialized exam utilizing the latest engineering and computer technologies to produce images of blood vessels. Compared to traditional angiography, where a catheter is placed directly into the artery being studied, CTA is less invasive, requiring injection of iodine-based contrast (dye) into a vein in the arm, and is routinely performed in an outpatient setting.

CTA is most commonly used to study the aorta and blood vessels supplying the lungs and kidneys. With the advent of multi-detector CT, faster scanners with higher resolution can image smaller vessels, including the arteries of the brain and extremities. With a 16-detector CT, even the coronary arteries can be evaluated. 3D images are generated with the use of sophisticated software.

Main Street Radiology installed the first 16-detector CT in Queens. With the most advanced software available, we are able to perform high resolution 3D CTA.

3D - CTA Clinical Case Studies