About Our Practice

Main Street Radiology is a private, outpatient radiology practice operated by Radiology Associates of Main Street (RAMS). RAMS has provided diagnostic imaging services at various institutions in Queens since 1966.

About-our-practice1.jpgThe first Bayside office at 32-25 Francis Lewis Boulevard opened in August 2000, providing a full range of radiological services. In October 2002, the second Bayside office opened at 44-01 Francis Lewis Boulevard, on the corner of Northern Boulevard. The third Main Street Radiology location opened in 2005 and is located on 136-25 37th Avenue in downtown Flushing. Our fourth location opened in 2014 and is located at 72-06 Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights. We are happy to announce that we will be expanding our services to the South Queens area in Glendale. This fifth location will be opening it's doors August 2019. 

Currently, there are 40 radiologists in Main Street Radiology, with sub-specialty fellowship training in Neuroradiology, Musculoskeletal, Mammography/Women's Imaging, Cross Sectional/Body Imaging, Nuclear Medicine/PET, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Interventional Radiology. The radiologists are highly trained at the most prestigious institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, New York University, Albert Einstein, and Mt. Sinai. Exams performed at the Main Street Radiology offices are read by different radiologists according to their area of expertise.

About-our-practice2.jpgOur equipment is state-of-the-art, equivalent to those found in major hospitals, and superior to "office" models found in most other imaging centers. The latest hardware and software are available to perform the most sophisticated studies, including PET/CT fusion, MR spectroscopy, perfusion/diffusion MR imaging, breast MRI, MRCP and virtual colonoscopy.

Reports at Main Street Radiology are generated using "voice-recognition" technology. Immediately following the dictation of a report, a printed copy is generated by a computer, which is faxed and mailed to the referring physician. This significantly decreases turn-around time of reports. In addition, reports may be automatically e-mailed to the referring physician.

Patients' exams can be delivered to the doctors' offices. Exams are also available on CD. Physicians may also view their patients' exams directly by clicking here.

On-site valet parking is available at all sites, with the exception of downtown Flushing. All offices are very convenient to public transit.

The goal of Main Street Radiology is to provide highest quality of care in Queens with exceptional service to both patients and referring physicians.

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